Premiere: Eamon Harkin – Untethered

Its always a pleasure to see a renowned selector push all the right buttons when it comes to their productions too. Eamon Harkin is better known as one half of Mister Saturday Night, the Brooklyn-based party gurus who have captained almost 250 no-nonsense, feel-good shindigs across both sides of the Atlantic. Harkin’s debut release on the duo’s eponymous label – only his sixth solo release in nine years – is a choice array of luscious house cuts, that froth with the same eccentricity that has glued together his sets.

The title tune ‘Untethered’ is a piece of cerebral yet club-ready introspection. Low-passed stabs rumble and swell beneath the drone of a melancholic pad, like the groans of some ancient and beautiful sea creature with a pulsating kick drum for a heart. As the percussion accumulates and momentum builds, the ever-insistent stabs begin punching through the mix with an Omar-S-like triumph. In a glorious climax, out burst shimmering chords bouncing and dazzling around the beat, transporting you to 5am in a Brooklyn loft party, blissfully ignorant of the sun creeping above the horizon outside.

Untethered is out 27th March – pre-order from Juno. Catch Mister Saturday Night hosting a stage at Farr Festival (13th-15th July). And if you’re feeling generous, they’ve recently launched a fundraiser to help build a permanent indoor space in New York. 

Watch a video below when Eamon and Justin took us record shopping in Bristol:

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