Premiere: Nancy Azzurro – Grace

ESP Institute do it again with the unveiling of Nancy Azzurro, a new face whose debut release fits perfectly into their canon. The label has a knack for sniffing out accessible jams with an extra layer of feeling, and the Teen Bee EP is full of them. The 47th release for the imprint dropped last year in the midst of Christmas, slipping many radars, but DJs ranging from Nick The Record to PBR Streetgang have been spinning it recently, so this is something worth revisiting – leave no music behind!

“Grace” wastes no time and gets straight out of the blocks. Fat disco claps and brisk shakers fill the mix from the outset and the percussion just keeps coming, insistent tambourines, thick toms, classic breaks, and oh-so ESP rattling conga fills. Extra rich bass and undulating filter chords provide the stage for glassy textures, meandering arps and wah-wah stabs to dance about. There’s so much going on it completely involves you til something entirely different happens…

Did we mention this is actually a piano house track? Say hello to the hook that will be in your head for weeks.

Teen Bee EP is out now – buy from Sounds of the Universe and Juno.

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