Infusions: Jamie Tiller & John Gómez explore the music of Brazil

Trio Mocoto

A new series connected to our globe-trotting Infusions party where we invite guests to explore the music of a particular country, artist, era or movement.

First up Music From Memory boss Jamie Tiller goes toe-to-toe with London-via-Madrid DJ and record collector John Gómez who recently curated the excellent compilation Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992 for MFM. Below they pick out some favourite Brazilian tracks records, before going even deeper into their collection tonight for a Brazilian Infusions party in London.

Jamie Tiller’s picks

Simone – ‘Amar’ (Colombia, 1982)

I discovered this one at a store in Amsterdam which closed quite a few years back now. A kind of crazy dirty unsorted mess that was good for losing hours in listening to records that looked interesting but were terrible. This track was the last track I checked and it totally gave me the chills. Those drums on the intro!

Wilma Dias – ‘Massagiste’ (Epic, 1982)

One of my favourite Brazilian finds, a breathy spoken word quasi French language (though Brazilian) version of Painel De Control’s ‘Relax’! I actually came across this almost by mistake trying to track down a copy of the Painel De Controle version and and found this 1982 version with a little snippet.. and well that sleeve!

Fernanda Abreu – ‘Você Pra Mim’ (EMI, 1990)

First came across this one via this YouTube and must have had it on repeat for like 100 times. I’d never heard of her but turns out she’s a very well known singer there, credited with popularising Hip Hop in Brazil. Video still kills me!! Such the vibe..

John Gómez’s picks

Dalila – ‘Canto Chorando’ (Copacabana, 1968)

Deep afro-samba from Dalila. Her singing is great on this, its jazzy edge balances the relentless percussion, adding to it a touch of sophistication. Heavy!

Junior Mendes – ‘Do Oiapoque ao Chuí’ (RGE, 1984)

Obscure B-side action from Junior Mendes, on a compacto (the Brazilian word for 7 inch records) containing the theme tune to a Brazilian novela (soap-opera). These are huge programmes in Brazil, and loads of boogie tunes from the 80s were released on the soundtrack records that accompanied the programmes. I love the dreamy keys in this and its breezy Balearic feel.

Trio Mocoto – ‘Nao Adianta’ (CAM, 1977)

This classic was my first Brazilian 7 inch, and still a firm favourite. I found my copy in Madrid maybe 15 years ago. There’s a Spanish pressing on Hispavox with a picture sleeve that actually edits out the first 20 seconds so it comes in with the horns and feels much more direct and powerful. Also, unlike most Brazilian 7” records, this one is cut at 45rpm rather than 33 1/3 and is dinked, marking it out as a clear impostor!

Catch Jamie and John for a Brazilian Infusions, tonight at The Colombian. Click the below artwork for tickets and info.

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