Premiere: Nilamayé – Regresa Pues

Nilamayé – meaning flowers (Maye) rays (Nile) – comes from a Papua New Guinean ceremony of worshiping the supernatural deity. Nilamayé the band, are founded on a similar appreciation for nature and their life-giving power, and might just be one of our favourite discoveries of the year.

In a time where it’s commonplace to fuse non-Western sounds with modern electronic production to make it feel contemporary and relevant, the Afro-Columbian band fully embrace their musical heritage and traditions. In fact it’s the very absence of this electronic arrangement and instrumentation that makes their work so powerful and ‘Nilamaye’ stands as the crowning glory of their debut album, Las Flores Del Sol. Built on a rhythmic foundation of marimba de chonta and hand-held percussion, a call and response dialogue between male and female singers from the group adds a palpable emotion even if you don’t have a good grasp on Spanish. A transportive and transformative seven minutes you won’t want to see the end of.

Las Flores Del Sol LP is out now on Bongo Joe – buy from their Bandcamp. Out to Charlie for spotting this one. 

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