Day 2: Dark Sky – Voim

Day 2 of our charity Advent Calendar in aid of The Steve Reid Foundation.

Last year Dark Sky made their Advent Calendar debut with ‘Em Cy’, a track they were struggling to find a home for, but then went on to be a Gilles Peterson Worldwide Winner for that year. It’s a sign of the group’s talent, who stay rather quiet between carefully considered releases, but still remain highly respected among their peers and their baying fans.

Was it worth reaching out again for the next edition, especially as they were between albums and no doubt being hyper-critical of everything that they let out the studio? Despite our initial fears, the London duo were more than forthcoming and donated something that rivalled their first effort.

Two soft, short notes from an anonymous female vocalist ring out at the four minute mark, but between that, it’s heads down and straight for the late night dance floor, with light synth work and a deep and steady beat. Perhaps not one to play at the Christmas table with the grandparents, but a sure bet to hold its own in a club setting, to offer a moment of reflection and building tension. Here’s a bit from the horse’s mouth:

“This one started life whilst working on new material for our next album. We loved the synth sound at the beginning but ultimately we didn’t feel it fitted in with the rest of the album. You’ll be able to compare for yourselves early 2017: -)”

Download ‘Voim’ from our Bandcamp. It’s pay-what-you-like, with all proceeds going to The Steve Reid Foundation, a charity founded by Gilles Peterson that aims to support musicians in dedication to the visionary jazz drummer. 

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