Moscoman’s favourite record sleeves

When we interviewed Halal Disco boss Moscoman earlier this year, it was clear that the visual arts play an important part in the running of the label. We were keen to delve deeper into some other album art Moscoman admires, which he elaborates on below, picking out some favourite tracks you can listen as a playlist. Over

“The significance of album art in my consumption, though not reflected in my collection is extremely important. The artwork is the gateway to the album. Though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should definitely buy it for it.”

Maria Sole – All’Amore (Archivak, 1979)

This record came to my knowledge through some Deewee brothers mix. They played ‘Regnè-Gnenè-Gnenè’. Long story short, I wanted it, bad! We spoke with her on the phone and she didn’t want to use the rights for a reissue. Anyway, in my mind the cover is beautiful, real naked avant-garde like she is. 


Sheshet ‎– ששת = Sheshet (CBS, 1977)

These people were the super musicians of Israel in the eighties. I really like the cover because it has this everyone is replaceable kind of vibe. My favourite song is a ‘Samba’, which was big in Israel at the time. And Hebrew and Portuguese is sung pretty much the same. 


Autarkic ‎– Can You Pass The Knife? (Disco Halal, 2016)

This will always be the first original music record I produced (not the music). This will be my memory till the day I die, Autarkic is a hell of an artist. The cover that my friend Neil did is amazing, The sleeve is great and this track is one of my favourites of all time, lover. 


Eroc – Eroc 4 (Brain, 1982)

I have no idea why I love this cover, it’s just weird. whats going on there? Rocks? Dark figures, marimba? And the accordion. The music is amazing, crazy German folk kraut from 1982. I am very much fond of this store in Rotterdam where I get a lot of my records. This was one of those that I took because of the cover. It worked.


Giuliano Sorgini ‎– Zoo Folle (Ricordi, 1974)

This is a record I don’t have. I really want it. Yes it is very expensive. I know why, this Ricardo Fellini TV show soundtrack is probably one of the best things made in Italian boogie history and this cover is so rough, the bars are so real and dirty! I’ll get you one day. Not at 350GBP but I feel that someday I will find it.

Giuliano Sorgini

Moscoman’s A Shot In The Light LP is out now on ESP Institute. Moscoman x Red Axes x Krikor – Subaru Pesha EP is out now on Disco Halal.

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