10 soulful tracks that have inspired Peggy Gou

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In January this year, Peggy Gou delivered a Stamp Mix to mark her debut EP on Rekids and before the year’s even out she’s made some serious strides forward. The Korean-born, London-educated and Berlin-dwelling DJ and producer has since notched up releases for Phonica and Ninja Tune’s Technicolour sub-label, which possess a assured deepness but with subtle soulful undertones. In acknowledgement of this, she’s picked out ten soulful tracks that have inspired her up to this point, including Ron Trent, Peven Everett, Joe Claussel and DJ Nature.

Ronny Jordan – ‘London Lowdown (Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell Remixes)’

The flute on this track is something magical. Mr “Body and Soul” makes a great remix out of it, adding also different melodic and percussive layers on top. 

Jon Cutler feat. E-man – ‘It’s Yours (Original Distant Music Mix)’

One of my favourite old classics. Jon Cutler at his best!  The main riff is great, something not easy to forget once you listen the first time. E-man a.k.a Eric Clark should be the one who dropped the vocal, but I can’t find any information about the other female singer involved in the record. The beat part is very simple and the timbales fill gives that cool latin flavour to the track.

Erro – ‘Don’t Change’

Great project by Osunlade on Yoruba Records back in 2001. Erro a.k.a Eric Roberson drops amazing vocals on it! I recently bought the record but I found out later that was the wrong version, The Main Mix is the right one.

Man From the Nile feat. Peven Everett – ‘Watch Them Come’

Roy Davis and Jay Juniel a.k.a Men From the Nile – an amazing soulful/afro tune. The synth is really getting crazy at some point and Peven Everett makes everything melt together with his amazing voice.

Ladyvipb feat. Elizabeth Wilson ‎– ‘Communication’

This is an evergreen tune for me. Vocal and instrumental versions both carry an enchanting vibe which always creates an unique dancefloor experience. Of course a great track like this can only have Mr. Maurice Fulton on the knobs.

Louie Vega Featuring Raúl Midón* ‎– ‘Cerca De Mi’

Raul Midon is simply amazing and his collaboration with MAW is perfect. Groove, guitar chords and voice melt perfectly together. The Shelter Ritual mix is the one I usually play. Being so long (8:55) makes it perfect for making the people fully enter into it, and I get goose bumps when I play it. 

Ron Trent ‎– ‘Romantic Flight’

Ron Trent can’t go wrong. One of the biggest inspiration for my music cultural background. His DJ sets are magic and his music never disappoints me. Romantic Flight, his latest EP, makes me feel like we all have to learn much more than what we already know. The sound texture and sounds of this record are very rare to find nowadays. It feels like instruments are talking and telling a story. Organic dancefloor music at its best.

Andrés –  ‘Piece of Mind’

I don’t even know if I should call it soulful house or not, but I can tell that ‘Piece of Mind’ is one of the few tracks that made me come closer to this kind of music, and I’m sure it was thanks to its simplicity yet perfect way of using samples. 

DJ Nature – ‘Sexual Tension Scene 2’

Im big fan of DJ Nature’s production and this whole LP is a great one. I like this track with nice picussions and male vocals and chords. It’s quite a simple track but I really like the transition of it. I also once saw him DJing and remember he was playing very nice tracks include soulful house, disco, funk and soul. If you don’t know this LP you should listen!

Ron Trent feat. Jill Scott – ‘Spring Summer Feeling’

I already mentioned Ront Trent but I had to say it again as it was hard for me to choose one from his production. He really is biggest inspiration for my music. I remember listening to this track on repeat a few years ago and I still do. I love every sounds on this track, it’s a very nice summer track. Ron Trent’s production with Jill Scott’s voice, sounds super nice doesn’t it?

Peggy Gou’s Seek For Maktoop EP is out now on Technicolour – grab it from the Ninja Tune website.

Photo credit: Jae Huh

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