Premiere: Tristan Grace – Imperial Park

As a long-serving resident at the Warehouse Project and, before that, Sankeys Soap in Manchester, Krysko knows a thing or two about dance music. His consistently brilliant sets often don’t get the attention they deserve especially when surrounded by the monolithic lineups that he supports, yet he still maintains an unflinchingly high level of taste, which encapsulates everything from Underground Resistance and Dance Mania, to the newest releases from Mood Hut and Livity Sound.

A DJ very much in the classic acid house vein, it’s not surprising to find his new imprint’s first release includes a timeless piano house groover, with a delicately composed acid line underneath. The track is written by Tristan Grace, who is another long standing member of the dance music community, having owned a record shop in Devon and now running Devon Analogue Studio. ‘Imperial Park’ grooves away while an alluring male vocal swoons over the top in true Larry Heard style. This is old school house for the new school generation; something which Krysko’s ten year residency encapsulates, always looking forward but with one foot in the past.

The Furse EP is coming soon on I Walked By The Night – pre-order from Piccadilly Records and Juno.

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