Heard on the Floor: 5 Tracks IDs from Banoffee Pies presents Mr Ties


According to a Banoffee Pies affiliate, upon receiving the rotary mixer he requests at every gig, Mr. Ties started playing records in the early evening to an empty venue. Half an hour after his official end time, he was physically fighting off the bouncers from the mixer, his arms outstretched between the isolator knobs and the torso of the insistent security personnel, doing whatever he could do produce sound and keep people going.

Alas, the night did in fact come to an end, but not before several hours of Ties-fueled antics; the kind that his fanbase has come to expect and what newcomers instantly fall in love with. You’ll be hard pressed to find DJs so nonchalant at mixing disco into awful ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’-sampling house and you’ll certainly be even more unlikely to find DJs mixing Chopin into rolling techno (yes, this 100% happened and it was fucking great).

Sure, even for Ties, there are plenty of these truly mad set pieces that don’t work at all, but you come away smiling that you experienced every one of them; especially gratifying given how seriously the average DJs take themselves. The techno Ties plays is of a cheesy, bargain-bin aesthetic, all of its own. It’s first and foremost compatible with a Berlin-style orgy – something Ties has been modeled off. But secondly, it’s always something that Ties will be able laugh at, either because it’s so fucking good or so, so completely ridiculous.

After his second outfit change, he occasionally ran onto the dancefloor from behind the enclosed booth, jumping on top of random dancers, just to scare them and, endearingly, just to get that much closer to the people he’s there to entertain. As Ties accepted defeat at 5am, the dancers lovingly gave back what he had so hilariously thrown at them all night, singing at him a “Happy Birthday”. There was a satisfying irony to celebrating the DJ who had somehow gotten one year older the night before, despite touring the world as a five year old who just loves playing records.

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