Premiere: Roy G feat. Furious Frank – Duality

A good few years ago not many people would have uttered Adelaide, Australia as one of the country’s main exporters of house and techno. Unless of course they happened to find themselves in a room full of slot machines in the outback city’s main strip at 4am talking to a 44 year old guy with massive sweat marks still garried from 1997 re-living the days of Dirty House Crew parties, lambasting you for not being there in person.

Thanks to a label named Untzz that spawned from the dancefloors (all three of them) across the city by friends Babicka and HVCK, the city is back on the international map (and in record bags), gaining quite a reputation with an often ‘buy on sight’ appeal. The latest four tracker from Untzz sister label Big Doint doesn’t show signs of slowing down that formula thanks to Mic Mills and North Eastern Aldinga native Roy G.

Providing a fun, versatile and playful record filled with analogue and disco tinged weight on their respective sides. Our pick of the bunch is ‘Duality’, a tropical day-dream filled with echoing stabs, interchanging organs, buttery throwback leads and a subtle yet solid bassline. All components stay restrained to emphasise and accompany the story being depicted by Furious Frank on tongue-in-cheek vocal cuts that harks close to the tale of ecstasy Marshall Jefferson felt on ‘Mushrooms’ except at the beach on a 33 degree day.

BD05 is due out this month – pre-order from Piccadilly.

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