Premiere: Complete Walkthru – Intuition Brought Me Here

Few labels manage to maintain the relentless pace of 1080p; take your eye off the ball for a week or two and you may have missed a handful of releases. Richard MacFarlane’s impressive tutelage might cause envy and ruefulness in equal measure, but it’s created a catalogue that is supreme in its diversity and unpredictability, and impressively unprejudiced when it comes to giving unsigned talent a platform.

That said, this next release comes from slightly more familiar territory, if under a different guise. After previous releases on the label as MCFERRDOG and his own name, Max McFerren embarks on a new project, Complete Walkthru, stretching out his legs for a nine track cassette. Deep and wonky techno excursions idle alongside bright melodic loops, across a self-reflective release. Our standout is smack bang in the middle, a breaks-imbued house excursion, with warming, near-euphoric vocal samples.

S/T is out 29th July – grab the tape from the 1080p website and the digital from Bandcamp.

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