Premiere: Kondi Band – Yeanoh (Powe’hande Binga’dbe) (Cervo Edit)

The name Banana Hill brings with it a certain seal of approval for genre-bending, culture defining rhythms, having been a regular night feature across the UK, hosting the Awesome Tapes From Africa, Habibi Funk, Gilles Peterson and Nozinja. So, once we saw the first flurry of reworks coming from co-founder and resident Cervo around a year ago we’ve waited on baited breath for the next musical uttering from the BH camp ever since. Thankfully, it’s here with his edit of Kondi Band’s ‘Poweŋde Bingade’.

Kondi Band is made up of “Sierra Leone’s Stevie Wonder” Sorie Kondi and Sierra Leonean-American Chief Boima, fusing the inspirations brought on by their various travels across the globe and the cultural differences they experienced along the way. The result is a fusion of West African instrumentation and the energy of calypso yet with an emphasis on more Western forms of electronica brought into the mix thanks to Boima. Armed with a near obsessive knowledge of afrobeat, soul, tropical, odd disco and everything else that lies between there are few others as equipped as Cervo to give this rework the treatment it deserves. 

Kondi Band – Belle Wahallah EP is out now on Strut. Cervo’s edit is available as a free download from Bandcamp. Catch Cervo in London (29th Jul) and (5th Aug), and look out for his new party with Contours called Body To Move (6th Aug).

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