Premiere: Eliphino – Isabella Road

Three years is a long time in electronic music; what we listen to, even the way we listen to it, has changed dramatically in the relatively short space of time. So, for Eliphino to spend that period in a creative hiatus, has inevitably upped the ante for his return.

New directions call for new beginnings, and this first solo EP since 2013’s I Don’t Care on Hypercolour, also marks the launch of his own new label, co-run by Andy Lemay (Dimensions Festival). Joy In Repetition, also the name of said label, contains four tracks of deep, emotive and soulful music, made during a year-long period of deep self-reflection in Berlin.

Our standout, ‘Isabella Road’, also caught the eye of Jackmaster, who included it in his new DJ Kicks mix. With foreboding synths and heavyweight drums, this is probably the most peak time-ready of all the tracks on the EP, and it’s easy to see why Jack placed this alongside selections from Denis Sulta, Massimiliano Pagliara, Tessela and Robert Hood.

Elsewhere, ‘Piano Day’ could easily sit on Future Times with its broken beat drum pattern and dreamy tones. ‘April’ explores jungle in an off-kilter direction, while ‘Link Later’ rivals Leon Vynehall for its string-led house melodies. A triumphant return for a producer we hope won’t keep us waiting quite so long next time.

Joy In Reptition EP 1 is out 25th July (pre-order from Juno) and grab Jackmaster’s DJ Kicks from the DJ Kicks website. Catch Eliphino at Dimensions Festival and on the last Thursday of every month, hosting the Joy in Repetition show on Balamii.

A wee interview with Eliphino

It’s been 3 years since the last solo Eliphino release. Without getting all nosey and OK! mag on your hiatus, how did the down time help your musical creativity?

That fills me with dread that it’s been so long but there’s nothing I can do about that now. The procrastination was definitely born out of an anxiety about who I wanted to be as an artist in a scene that seemed to be splintering off in so many directions.

I left London to live in Berlin for a year to gain some perspective but found that excursion to be even more disorientating! Even though it didn’t work out for me there I worked on a lot of music, some good, some awful and it helped develop some clarity on the direction I wanted to go creatively.

So, in the short, the time away from releasing might have helped my creativity after all despite procrastination spiking all manner of anxieties. I’ll definitely be 100% more prolific from now on! Confidence and optimism is key.

For those who are familiar with the Eliphino of old, how has your sound developed since three years ago, and why? 

My friends who know my music say they can still recognise a solid strain that sounds like me but I feel there’s definitely been developments. With this EP, the aim was to make it varied and engaging and not to just re-emerge with a couple of club tracks. There hasn’t been a conscious plan to develop the sound but it’s inevitable that different influences may have affected the sound somewhat.

The Isabella Road EP is self-released, on a new label Joy in Repetition with that old lothario Andy Lemay. Could you give us a little intro to the label?

Mine and Andy’s music interests have a great deal of crossovers but are by no means identical. The aim of this label is provide an outlet for all manner of soulful electronic music that inspires us, without focusing on one particular genre. Joy in Repetition will develop into a fully functioning label as opposed to an outlet specifically for my music. We’re already developing plans with some very exciting artists who we consider to have a similar perspective to us.

Keeping it short and sweet, in a maximum of 15 words, could you take us through each track on the EP

‘Isabella Road’: Ethereal and organic yet hits nice and hard on a good soundsystem!

‘Piano Day’: a touch of jungle (my first love), this track should work just as well in a club as in your car/on a bus!

‘April’: a cacophony of broken percussion, distant vocals and elusive melodies that will hopefully remind you of a dream you thought you’d forgotten.

‘Link Later’: immersive and emotive house music with strings that should remind you of someone you fancy.

What else is coming up on the horizon for Eliphino and Joy in Repetition?

I’m about to send the follow up EP to master at which point we will finalise plans with some extra special and very exciting collaborators for the label.


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