Our favourite reissues in May


Pasteur Lappe – African Funk Experiments

After releases by Tala Am, Africa Seven continue their quest in unearthing long lost funk and disco gems from the continent with Pasteur Lappe’s African Funk Experimentals. Hailing from Cameroon, the album collects tracks from Lappe’s three albums, and touches on an array of styles from afro disco, electro-pop, Jackson five funk and even wonky balearic. Yet, it is ‘No Me Real Seleke’ that make this LP worth grabbing alone. A cosmic blend of moog synthesizers, bleepy electronics and propulsive disco, it is the sort of jam you can imagine DJs like Harvey, Hunee and Antal spinning over the summer.

Ron Trent – Hooked On Your Love

Over the last few years, deep house has become something of a troubled phrase, hijacked by those who have replaced its original soulful element with big drops, compressed sound and lack of nuance. Yet, it often takes a record by one the original masters of the style, to realise why we all fell in love with deep house in the first place. Realised in 1982, ‘Hooked On Your Love’ by Ron Trent is exactly this: an atmospheric, moody and impossibly soulful record, which was a major influence on a certain, young Kenny Dixon JR. Essential!

Philippe Chany – Rive Gauche

Over the last year, Dark Entries has cemented a reputation as a go-to label for unearthing rare early industrial, Italo-disco and post-punk gems; unique records that marry the looseness and sporadity of live music with the toughness of programmed electronic styles. Yet for their latest release, the label explores new, softer and tranquil pastures as they reissue Philippe Chany’s 1983 cult-classic Rive Gauche. Fusing the world of experimental film composers like Michel Magne, Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin, with synth pop and Italo styles of the day, Chany crafts innocent, melancholic and charming worlds that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Wes Anderson film

International Solelli Band – Ta Lassa

Pre-eminent diggers have been unearthing the best highlife, afro beat, rock, Zumba and everything else for decades now. Yet over the last few years with the release from Ata Kak, William Onyeaobor and Francis Bebey, there has also been a growing interest in the African rare electronic and dance records; music that may have been too commercial perhaps for many ‘world music’ (for want of a better word) fans at the time. Following on from the anthemic ‘Hafi Deo‘, Soundway continue to please those who have fallen in love with this sound with the release of International Solelli Band’s ‘Ta Lassa’. The influence of early electro and Italo is clear on this one, as the sounds of the drum machines and synths meets classical African guitars and percussion.

Wally Badarou – Echoes

With the summer around the corner, thousands will be flocking to Ibiza to hear dj’s spin that irresistible blend of synthesized beats, tropical sounds and wonky disco, which has become known as Balearic. It seems fitting then, that one of the key cornerstones of the genre Wally Badarou, seminal album ‘Echoes’ is finally being reissued. A key member of the Sly and Robbie’s Compass all-stars and one of the most virtuosic with his synthesizer wizards, Badarou’s crafts delightfully innocent, carefree and colourful worlds to get lost in. Simply one of the best electronic long players of all time!

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