Premiere: Cain – Cajal (Extended Mix)

Apparently keen to follow up the staggering run of releases last year, Huntleys & Palmers‘ offshoot Highlife return with young Scottish talent Cain. Across two releases and six tracks centring on the sounds of the Indian sub-continent, our pick is an extended mix of ‘Cajal’, a mature soundscape scoring the midst of summer.

Evocative of the sunrise, the track’s introduction marks dawn over a sprawling landscape full of trees and rooftops. The oscillating flutes mimic sounds of the warm breeze, ambient diegesis which builds the track’s narrative by setting the opening scene. Reminiscent of Gold Panda, the interaction between the electronics and organic Eastern sounds produce a vivid and textured atmosphere. The heavy-handed percussion carves out the track’s skeleton, giving it jarring rhythm and a structure for the sitar melody to dance around. Despite the work of a Scottish producer, the track possesses incredible authenticity. Approaching the 3 minute mark, brief respite from the percussion gives the soft chords chance to bleed into the picture, as the sun rises higher in the sky and the track builds its touching climax.

Following the club-ready belter ‘Nagan’ was always going to be a tricky task, but Cain does so intelligently by demonstrating his scope as a producer. This emotive track is a standout of the year so far.

Listen to the rest of the EP on Soundcloud and grab both EPs from Juno.

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