Premiere: LUM – Rosa

LUM drops ‘Rosa’ inside the sprawling Moon Faze Sun Gaze compilation from psychedelic brotherhood Multi Culti, 26 tracks in total across six EPs.

Stepping away from the more club ready productions of his release for Crosstown Rebels, but maintaining a penchant for obscure samples from far off countries, ‘Rosa’ opens to a hazy backdrop of birdsong and insect trills, gradually filling out and gaining momentum with a cavernous drum underneath keeping the pace. At first feeling like the most relaxed song on the releae, especially with the introduction of a plaintive nut whistle that lifts focus away from the sparse rhythms, it builds into a march with percussion and a 1-2 bassline beating out the stride. It almosts feels as if LUM has composed a ceremony for you to join.

If you think you have an idea what the compilation is like now, think again. You may spot a few familiar names – Nicola Cruz, Red Axes, Moscoman included – but check out the whole set and you’ll likely find some new ones to watch. Once all the EPs are out, the full compilation will be releases on 21st June, in two digital parts, and as a limited edition box-set.

Limited edition Moon Faze Sun Gaze vinyl box sets are available from Bandcamp, including tote bag, embossed-tin casing, fabric record sleeve, a Multi Culti Sarong and zine. If that’s not your thing, you can still grab each EP separately.

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