Tessellate celebrate 3 years with Mr Ties, Fort Romeau & Massimiliano Pagliara


Think back. What did you do for your third birthday? Try on those new jelly shoes? Perhaps a few of your three year old mates came round and listened to the new Aphex Twin record? Maybe had a caterpillar cake? Whatever your mum organized for you, they didn’t book Mr. Ties to play all night long at Corsica studios, did they?

Over the last three years, Tessellate has built a tasteful reputation for itself, consistently booking the more refined acts, most often at home in Corsica’s wonderful studios. What a way to ring in their fourth year with the hugely enigmatic Homopatik resident. Leaving him all night long at the controls only goes further to ensure the Berlin megastar is right at home and you are able to receive the full experience of Ties.

Alongside Ties, filling out the rest of the venue you’ll find Fort Romeau and Massimiliano Pagliara. If you like the heteronormativity of a techno set, cut up and thrown at you in Rotary mixed pieces, this is the night for you. TIES.

For more tickets & info, check Facebook and RA.

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