Byron The Aquarius brings the groove on his new EP for Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats

Byron Aquarius Gone Today

“You come to my house and my vinyl collection is in one category. You’d better know the name of the artist because that is the category they are in; alphabetical”. This Moodymann quote represents the attitude of many producers and DJs in Detroit; the music to them, transcends boxes or genre labels. This in turn, means producers become far looser in what they put out, not worrying about fitting into digging crates alongside other “house” etc.

And now, in Atlanta too – alongside major pillars of the scene Kai Alcé, Stefan Ringer, Jay Simon – the hyper-talented, Byron The Aquarius puts out this EP drenched with what you might call hip-hop, house or jazz. No matter what he delves into, it features real playing and real groove with a real talent that is almost too good for dance music, but certainly fitting perfectly as part of KMFH’s Wild Oates catalogue.

The follow up to the early 2016 hit debut EP High Life, Byron’s Gone Today Here Tomorrow continues his expert level of finger dancing, bringing sometimes the slow, sometimes the fast, but always the melodic (and it should have come with a damn neck brace!). It’s like constantly having a tub of colourful sprinkles thrown at you, each one containing a little Rhodes lick, Moog run, or ambient synth motif.

It oozes colour, and it certainly sits nicely next to Kyle Hall’s From Joy – tracks like ‘Moments In Life’ sounding like the younger brother of Hall’s ‘Mysterious Lake’. No doubt the limited release will be of the same flawless pressing quality too. Get it while stocks last.

Catch Byron making his UK Debut on 29th May at Corsica Studios for the Eglo Bank Holiday Special. He’ll also be sticking around in Europe for Dimensions Festival.

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