Premiere: Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Lovers’ Eyes (Mehmet Aslan Remix)

It’s quite rare to receive a song close to, let alone over, 10 minutes. When a song does cover such an expanse of time, it really does need to carry itself with a greater poise than usual. Fear not though, for Mehmet Aslan – based in Switzerland and resident at Berlin’s revered Wilden Renate – has taken to this remix project with a maturity and personal vision that is clearly audible upon immediate listen.

No stranger to working with traditional Turkish folk songs, Aslan has upheld the core of Urdu chanting on the original, and applied a deeper warble and synth of the germanic techno spectrum. Building up and down carefully over the course of 10 minutes, Aslan draws you in with the power and hypnotic rhythm of the song, reaching peaks with the natural crescendo of the chant. With almost no clear point where the song descends into a full impact, Alsan has sculpted a deeply powerful track with great subtlety and poise, drawing the listener in with a combination of darkened searching beats and respect for traditional song.

‘Lovers’ Eyes’ is taken from Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons’ 2015 album Message From The Other Side, while Mehmet Aslan’s interpretation appears on Remixes From The Other Side out 13th May. Both are release on Crosstown Rebels and available from their website

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