Premiere: Tom Ellis – Our Moments, Too Swift

One of the guys behind the unique, embracing atmosphere of the elite underground festival Freerotation is gearing up for his six album early next month, titled From The Cabin Above The Clouds. Standout for us was the third, ‘Our Moments, Too Swift’ and, despite a solemn start, it leaves a fuzzy feeling in the base of the brain. The persistent chime, like an alarm through fog, should cause tension and unease, yet it seems to smooth the track out. A light melody hops up a scale, while a soft vocal passes right through the ears. Soft, layered percussion builds its foundations before the track gives way to reveal a creeping bass line, but as everything loosens up completely, only the soft pad of the snare is left to play out. A glimpse of the track’s meaty innards was enough, Ellis will leave us anxious for more.

From The Cabin Above The Clouds is out 4th April on Black Key Records – pre-order from Juno.

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