Big Strick’s 5 favourite Detroit talents

Dad’s can be pretty embarrassing at times, especially when you’re in your teens trying to find your feet. When your old man is a stalwart of Detroit house, you’d be foolish not to seek mentorship though. Enter Big Strick and Generation Next (you can probably work out who’s father and son already), who have been keeping things family on Strick’s 7DaysENT imprint, releasing a steady supply of raw and soulful Detroit sounds for the last five years and regularly playing out together.

With Big Strick playing at the Pickle Factory tonight for Ovation x Dark & Lovely, we spoke to Strick about some favourite musical contemporaries from his home city.

Ob Ignitt  (OBONIT)

I’ve known Ob for a long time through Omar S, but found out he was producing when he did his first release with Omar S on FXHE. He can dabble in techno and funk. He has a lot of bass lines and chords.  Check out his track ‘Oh Jabba’.

Generation Next – Tre Strickland (7days Ent)

Gen Next is a 21 Year old producer from Detroit, also my son. He was mixing, producing and mastering his own songs at 16.  He gives us a classic house sound as well as some new waves to look out for. He can also adapt to any style. Check out ‘Idee Fixe’. 

Ben Christensen (Sector 7G)

Ben Helped me work on the ‘Maybe One Day‘ video and that is when I learned he was producing too. His first release came out in June 2015. He brings a real authentic production style and it reminds me of real music not watered down. Check out his release ‘INOUNO’ 

John FM (FXHE)

I became aware of John FM through his first release on FXHE. He brings a hip-hop type vibe to his house tunes, and he is also able to do vocals. Check out ‘White Churches be like’. 

Gari Romalis

Gari has been in the house game for 30 years and is very unsung. I’ve known about him since I started producing. He has been making classic house tunes for decades and I feel he is underrated. Check out ‘Groovin (Intangible Records & Soundworks 1996)’ 

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