Public Possession’s Favourite Album Art

For Munich record store and label, there’s very little that’s off limits. From analogue electro wonk to sugarcoated Far East pop, salsa influenced italo to lo-fi Arabian synth, their quirky cross-pollination of sounds provides a compelling and unpredictable counterpoint to the rule of pigeonholing. With shelves and shelves of visual treats to pick from, we asked them to narrow their search down to just five records that stand out for their artwork. Listen below to a playlist of their picks from each album as you read and observe.

Catch Public Possession alongside Bell Towers in London this Friday for ReviveHer. Marvin & Valentino will also be featuring in our Infusions series at Dance Tunnel this year. 

Ape – Time To Change (Mix Totale Records)

Collages have always intrigued us and will quite likely be included in one or the other future PP products. Here is an example of how to absolutely do this right.

Ape Time To Change

Maxmillion Dunbar – Drizzling Glass (The Trilogy Tapes)

Will Bankhead is without a doubt one of the best to do it at the moment. Trilogy Tapes always comes with the full package. This one is particularly nice, great print on inside out cover.
Plus that nice silver label. 1A Artwork.

Maxmillion Dunbar Glass

Terry Snyder And The All Stars ‎– Persuasive Percussion (Command)

What can you say, Josef Albers is one of the original masters delivering.

Josef_Albers Persuasive Percussion

Harry Hosono* And The Yellow Magic Band ‎– Paraiso (Alfa)

Although I was already familiar with Harry Hosono, I hadn’t checked out this one until recently. Staying at Casa Lee Wok for the amazing Dirtytalk Bristol party, he played this the morning after – perfect Hangover cure. Good humor included in both artwork and music.

Harry Hosono ‎– Paraiso

Suzanne Kraft – DJ Safety (Kitjen)

Our friend Igor has wisely chosen to work with Manuel Bürger for all things visual concerning his Kitjen imprint. Constant Delivery on all levels. On top Suzanne Kraft makes music on this realese – superb dance maxi, must buy.

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