Premiere: Hysteric – Belly Dance Disco

Public Possession don’t like to stick to one sound, this isn’t surprising when you consider the DJ sets of label heads – Marvin and Valentino, who cover everything from analogue electro wonk to salsa influenced italo.

Calling upon Melbourne based Hysteric, they deliver an EP of silly machine wiggles in ‘Computer Wars’, euphoric Italo with ‘My Man’ and playful disco chug in ‘Propellerdisco’. Our stand out is the wonderfully anachronistic ‘Bellly Dance Disco’, utilising a bossa nova sample over a soft salsa beat, with a foray into atonal middle eastern influences (through what sounds like a ghaita). Taking a look back through Hysteric’s discography it’s clear that while he has rarely ventured outside of conventional Italo disco, Marvin and Valentino’s striking passion for variety has rubbed off on Hysterics production for this EP, with ‘Belly Disco Dance’ embodying the quirky cross-pollination of styles that makes Public Possession so unique.

Hysteric – Mappamondo EP is coming soon on Public Possession – pre-order from Juno and Phonica. Catch Public Possession in London on 18th March with ReviveHer.

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