Honey Dijon’s favourite gospel house track


Earlier this month we were lucky enough to host a room at Just Jack’s 10th birthday in Bristol. With the lineup kept a secret until you walked through the doors, it was a struggle to keep quiet about the fact that two favourites – Optimo and Honey Dijon – would be joining us in The Tunnel. Honey Dijon was first up and completely really blew us away. Throughout her two hours she was able to maintain a momentum and punch while still packing so much soul and emotion in her selections. The energy rippled back and forth through the tight confines of Motion’s Tunnel and possessed us in such a way it made us forget that Phuture, Hunee and Antal were playing in the neighbouring rooms.

Entirely for selfish reasons (as we weren’t able to ID anyting she played on the night) we just had to ask HD for some gospel house favourites.

Honey Dijon plays Secretsundaze tomorrow night with Amir Alexander and Francis Inferno Orchestra. Grab tickest from RA

Underground Ministries feat. Kenny Bobien – ‘I Shall Not Be Moved (Stand Still) (Extended Club Mix)’

This track brings so many wonderful memories of dancing at a party called Underground Network that was held at Sound Factory Bar in New York. I love a male falsetto and besides Sylvester and Byron Stingly, Kenny Bobien is one of my favorites. Such an uplighting tune that brings so much joy and happiness whenever I play it and the gospel choir really brings the sprint of gospel music.

Michelle Weeks & Voices 2 – ‘Can U See The Light (Kings Of Tomorrow Remix)’

This is one of the biggest and most recognisable tunes from Body and Soul that is now a worldwide classic. I play this whenever I can and still, almost 20 years later, it destroys the danclefoor. How can you go wrong with vocals by Damon Hortan, Dawn Tallman, Jamal Alicia, Michelle Weeks and Sabrynaah Pope. Magic!

Kerri Chandler presents Arnold Jarvis – ‘Inspiration’ 

Not only the music is exquisite but the lyrics. I miss a lot of great songwriting in house music. Especially in a time when there is so much chaos and strife in the world, I want to incorporate music that uplifts and makes people feel good and escape a little bit from the outside world. Release through dance.

BeBe Winans – ‘Thank You (MAW Mix)’

Where do I begin. Bebe Winnans hails from one of the most famous gospel families in the world. The Winans are an American Gospel music quartet from Detroit, Michigan consisting of brothers Marvin, Carvin, Michael and Ronald. MAW are the most prolific producers in dance music that spans house, techno, jazz and latin infused music. Such a beautiful, beautiful tune.

The Clark Sisters – ‘You Brought The Sunshine’

I could not round out this list without including this. Talk about crossover. This is a dance music classic that is truly a gospel record. The Clark Sisters are the personification of perfect harmony and melody. Goosebumps!

Honourable mention
The Joubert Singers – ‘Stand On The Word (Larry Levan Remix)’

Honorable mention and hugely influential record that Larry Levan made a worldwide classic from the Paradise Garage.
So delicious.

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