Church pick 5 favourite moments from 5 years of parties


“I used to pick bottles up at Church parties and now I get to play at them and release records with the guys” – FYI Chris

Back in 2012, Church helped facilitate our first live experience with Disclosure. This was back when the Lawrence brothers were sandwiched between Boddika and Ifan Dafydd on the lineup and when ‘I Love…That You Know’ was the most-played iPod track for anyone who called themselves a discernible fan of post-dubstep. Church’s musical identity may have changed a lot since then, but what still remains is a hunger to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new, interesting and creative sounds in London.

In the last five years, Church’s main focus has turned to its label arm, standing alongside Rhythm Section as one of our favourite imprints in the capital; but that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here to celebrate five years of Church parties and, to mark the occasion, we’ve asked some of its key members to select a standout musical memory from the last five years.

Church celebrate their 5th birthday at Dance Tunnel tomorrow. Tickets are just £5 and the lineup is a secret, although there’s a high chance some of the below will be involve.

Seb Wildblood: Linkwood Family – ‘Miles Away’

This track takes me back to our open air last summer at The Paperworks. It felt like there was a real air of excitement that day. It was a lineup full of label pals, which actually was a bit of a turning for the parties. Since then we’ve kept the line ups a lot more close knit, super chill.

IshmaelO’Flynn – ‘Tyrion’

I first heard this beauty while playing b2b with my old pal Ned (Medlar) at a Church night at Corsica Studios about a year ago. As he pulled it out, Ned told me that some guy (Tom Blip) had popped a stack of these into Rye Wax that day and that very few had made it onto the shelves after the staff had got their hands on it. Everyone, obviously, went mental and I headed straight for the shop in the morning to cop it. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Apes: Mic Mills – ‘Wonderland’

I’ve reached for this many a time in Corsica Room 1. When I want to pick up the pace and raise the tempo, this track is a go-to. The breakdown has enough space to hear a roaring room and it’s impossible not to lose your feet to that hook. In the red kind of business, just what you need at 2am.

HollickMike Dunn – ‘Phreaky MF’

Time and time again this has been my go to jam when playing the warm-up set at a Church party in Corsica Studios. Certified to drag people away from the bar area to the floor and get everyone dancing; unavoidable really with a bass line that groovy. It’s always a special moment watching people’s faces who haven’t heard the track before when the vocal kicks in. SO MUCH SASS.

FYI ChrisEkambi Brillant – ‘Aboki Guynamukat Corazon (Club Edit)’

Dropping this in Room 2 at Church a few years back at the end of our set and the room exploded. It’s been a real treat to watch the label grow, I used to pick bottles up at Church parties and now I get to play at them and release records with the guys.

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