SAOIRSE’s 9 records on Discogs that she really wants but are very, very expensive

And the winner is...!

And the winner is…!

Having spent over four years in her native Ireland hosting  The Plate radio show for leading broadcaster RTE, SAOIRSE relocated to London after being handed a regular spot on London’s Rinse FM. Notable guests include DJ Deeon, Radioslave, Voigtmann and Jane Fitz, a list that matches the calibre of selectors she now founds herself playing alongside for luminaries like fabric, Output New York, The Zoo Project Ibiza, Toi Toi and Half Baked. Self-proclaimed supplier of “diverse grooves, deep bass lines and riffs that invariably put smiles on faces”, we couldn’t have put it much better ourselves.

While SAOIRSE’s record collection is nothing to scoff at, there are some that are just out of reach at the moment. Here she’s listed some three-figure bank-breakers that she can only dream about playing, and others that might be coming off the want list after a bit of saving up.

Catch Saoirse at Gottwood and Meadows In The Mountains later this year. 

Juan Atkins – ‘Sundog’ (£193 + shipping)

Well this is one I want to throw down at about 9am when everyone is really drugged up and just want to roll their little heads around to… but I can’t.

Vulva – ‘Science Bag’ (£155 + shipping)

This skippy little number is a track I do this kind of marching dance to. Fists clenched, kind of techno viking vibe, ye get me?

Channel One – ‘Color Dubbing’ (£250 + shipping)

Here, I close my eyes and pretend I’m a robot, sure to clear a few people off the dancefloor. Love it.

Dj Sotofett – ‘Presenterer Dritfett’ (£38 + shipping)

That little scamp Sotofettt selling out his records the world over once again.

Ricardo Villalobos – ‘MDMA’ (£193 + shipping)

Ricardo Villalobos, the only man I ever loved. I once told him that too.

Sub Oscillator – ‘II’ (£30 + shipping)

I’m hoping to get a hold of this before the summer and plan to play it on the side of a Hungarian mountain at dawn.

DB-X – ‘Electric Shock’ (£58 + shipping)

Just one of those tracks you look over at your mate during and pull a kind of “you filthy little mother fucker” bass face.

Habitants – ‘Drama’ (£200 + shipping)

This spooky little fecker with its sh101 trancey bassline would make you want to take your top off and swing it around aggressively.

Carl Craig – ‘No More Words (Neo-New Age Tribal Mix)’ (£154 + shipping)

Every week I find another Carl Craig tune that’s like “WOW”. That guy was flat out making the sickest music ever and then hiding it for no one to find.

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