Premiere: Ishmael – Salt Spring Falls

Already getting ready for their third release of 2016, Church are churning (sorry couldn’t resist) out music at a rate of knots that could get Ben Ainsley looking over his shoulder. While some labels working at such a pace prioritise quantity over quality, Church seem to have balanced the two perfectly. EPs from Project Pablo & WolfeyApes and Mall Grab already have enough quality to make January and February a job well done, but now they can add Sometime in Space to that pile – the debut album from Pete Cunningham (a.k.a Ishmael).

The Bristol producer first cemented ties with the South London imprint last year, with the release of his Time & Time Again EP and the eleven tracks of Sometime in Space marks his most ambitious project to date. Instant standout for us was ‘Salt Spring Falls’, a soaring golden eagle of a track that takes you skywards with a euphoric piano loop and synth chords that breath in and out like a living organism. Incidentally, this was the track that first prompted Ishmael to make an album and he admitted to us that it’s up there with his most emotive work. While there’s a strong house structure present, the inspiration for ‘Salt Spring Falls’, goes back to earlier inspirations of Metalheadz, Intalex and the jungle-DnB crossover that dominated his musical palette as a kid.

To coincide with the album’s release, Ishmael will be performing a series of live AV shows with Amie Nowlan. First up is Rye Wax on 2nd March, then The Attic in Bristol on 17th March. To get a sample for what that’ll look like, check out the video below, made by visual artist Amie Nowlan. For a sonic teaser, you’ll have to wait for our 100% Ishmael mix dropping in the next few weeks.

Ishmael – Sometime in Space LP is out 26th February. Pre-order from Bandcamp or Red Eye. Church celebrate their 5th Birthday at Dance Tunnel on the same date. 

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