10 Track IDs from Banoffee Pies presents Palms Trax


On Friday, Banoffee Pies welcomed Palms Trax to Wilder Studios for an intimate affair. Known for their ability to put on a damn good party, the Banoffee Pies collective did what they do best, with an atmosphere that mirrors that of a large house party.

From the moment you start to walk up the narrow stairs, there is a sense that something spectacular is about to happen. A yoga studio is temporarily transformed into a pop-up party space, with blacked out windows and a cacophony of sound and lights. The small capacity venue was a treat for any fan of Palms Trax. After a fantastic year that took him to various continents and of course to Dekmantel and Fabric, to be in such close proximity evoked the sense of community spirit that dance music thrives off.

Throughout his three-hour set, Palms Trax proved that his knowledge of music extends well beyond his years. We heard  his very well received EPs on Dekmantel to a staple classic Peven Everett and collaboration from DJ Fett Burger and Jayda G. Here’s some highlights we heard over the course of the night.

Not resting on their laurels, Banoffee Pies were quick to announce a Wilder follow-up with Juju & Jordash on 26th February.

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