Prosumer, Tama Sumo & Galcher Lustwork play Dance Tunnel in February

your love

As some of our so-called leaders stumble into February, there is comfort at least in the consistent example set by the Dance Tunnel. This month sees standards kept high with Tama Sumo bringing back her ‘Your Love’ series, for a night of good music and loving vibes with Prosumer to carry you into valentines day. White Material regular from over the pond Galcher Lustwerk will oversee an evening warmed up by Levels boss Jon Rust whilst the South London label Church, celebrate five years with label head Seb Wildblood, co-founder Apes and Bristol boy Ishmael.

See below for a full run-down of guests and ticket information in February.

Feb 03: Rabit at Dance Tunnel
Feb 05: Nixwax presents John Dimas
Feb 06: Galcher Lustwerk & Jon Rust
Feb 07: Cartulis Sunday VA (Various Anonymous)
Feb 13: Your Love
Feb 14: Damaged #47
Feb 19: Trouble Vision Pres. Hivern Discs with Marc Piñol & Daniel Baughman
Feb 20: Etapp Kyle & Saoirse
Feb 26: 5 Years Of Church
Feb 27: Aurora Halal & Dr. Rubinstein

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