Various Artists – Banoffee Pies 03

Fresh off the back of their successful World Series and Limited Series, both selling out in astonishingly short timeframes, the Banoffee Pies boys are back again with their latest vinyl-only VA EP.

The strength of the first two releases in this series is the manner in which they’re compiled: there’s something for everyone in each release, and that’s something that many labels aren’t catching onto in quite the same way.  latest offering brings together three tracks that share a certain groovy, but stripped-back quality.

Beginning with ‘Drum Off’, we’re immediately woken up by a hearty kick and slightly off-kilter percussion. As the track builds, so does the tension, with playful sections of live sampled drumming. The short spoken vocal explains the name of the track, with a subtle piano melody gorgeously bringing it all together. The track is the perfect synthesis of Adam Strömstedt and Art Alfie‘s production styles, the former bringing the syncopated, tinkling percussion, the latter drawing on his darker, melodious sound to form a cohesive, club-centric piece.

On the flip, Jaffa Surfa serves up a real afterparty groover with ‘Souled Out’, complete with distant vocal, background looping melody and a driving beat, to keep you dancing well into the early hours. After the break, Banoffee Pies take us to the very northern tip of Romania with a breaksy number from Hansel, a little-known producer who’s output we’ve had our eye on this past year. Not out of place in a lounge bar in the Romanian capital’s old district or the nicer small establishments of Bristol (yes they do exist), ‘K.O. Bad (edit)’ is the jewel in the crown of this release, very capably rounding off proceedings on what is yet more fuel in the upward trajectory of Banoffee Pies.

BP03 is out now – buy from the Banoffee Pies website and most online retailers. 

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