Project Pablo & Wolfey offer a moment of self-reflection on ‘Whatitis’

After a critically acclaimed debut on 1080p, Project Pablo teams up with Vancouver’s Wolfey for a three-track follow-up for Church. Although all impress, ‘Whatitis’ is our pick. It’s the sort of track that always sounds like it’s on a big system. The kick has such depth that its punch weighs in over the bassline, leaving the chords to ring overhead. It’s euphoric, breezy and provocative. There’s a freshness about the chord choice, you can imagine it changing the mood of a club immediately; a cool wind on the sweaty dancers. The muffled vocal snippets aren’t invasive, rather they inject subtle soul to the lofty track. This is one to close your eyes to and have a moment just to yourself.

CHURCH007 is out now and available from Rey Eye

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