Thanks for helping our 2015 Advent Calendar raise £1000


We harped on about our Advent Calendar enough in December, so you’re probably sick of hearing about it now. With that in mind, we’ll keep it quick.

Thanks to your help and support, we raised over £1000 for Help Musicians UK, so a big big thank you for any plays, shares and donations, however small. We had a little chat with the charity about their upcoming projects, to give you an idea for what your donations will go towards:

“Our current campaign, which we will be promoting more in the coming months is our Hearing Campaign. We did a survey last summer, which revealed alarming statistics around musicians’ hearing. Our new campaign #HearForMusicians is to raise awareness of hearing loss and prevention. We also did a survey on musicians mental health in 2014, which we’ll be in the coming months too.”

So, lots of valuable stuff in the works from Help Musicians, not just offering financial support, but pastoral and medical too. We’ll keep you posted about the above campaigns, when there’s more to share.

While can’t buy any of the tracks on Bandcamp anymore, some of the tracks are now available on Soundcloud below as a free download.

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