Inverted Audio enlists 45 ACP for special A/V show


We tend to align ourselves with the mantra that really all you need for an alluring evening of electronic music is a good sound-system and a dark room. In fact, no frills venues such as Plastic People and now Dance Tunnel in Hackney prove this to be a working concept time and time again. Yet with all that said, the prospect of enhancing and elevating our dancefloor experiences through various forms of visual collaboration is something we should celebrate always, and Inverted Audio‘s second audio visual rave at Bussey Building on 5th February is a perfect example.

Delving deep into the darker realms of experimental electronic music, IA have enlisted Parisian DJ/producer 45 ACP for his debut London set on the second floor of the Peckham-based music haven. Following psychedelic vaped-up afrobeat-techno releases on Antinote Records under his D.K. alias, expect 45 ACP to be bringing some dusty lo-fi Chicago house and techno to the floor, alongside I.A’s founder/editor-in-chief Antepop and in-house A/V maestro Em Ju Es Aj Si.

Lighting up the stripped-back NYC warehouse-inspired environment, London-based visual artist Matilda Skelton Mace will be installing her beautifully crystallised light sculptures behind the decks, beaming anamorphic visualisations into a widen-eyed crowd that we trust will tesselate perfectly with the music. Encompassing psychedelic data bending and photographic collage, be sure to expect a pretty magnificent audiovisual experience.

For more information and tickets head to the RA event page here.

Inverted Audio x 45 ACP (L.I.E.S. Records)

Lo-fi mastermind 45 ACP (L.I.E.S. Records) joins us for our next audio visual rave at the Bussey Building on Friday 5th February. Tickets > RSVP >

Posted by Inverted Audio on Wednesday, 20 January 2016

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