Premiere: LK – Lesa Known

After an impressive debut release courtesy of Mall Grab, Bristolian vinyl only imprint Shall Not Fade secures LK’s rugged ‘Keion’ EP for SNF002.

Only the third full 12” as LK, Leeds producer Jordon Saxton continues to carve a rough house sound with four clunky tracks, weighed down by heavy kicks but kept lofty with soulful sample snippets. An already diverse musical mind, Saxton’s music as LK is completely separate in sound and style to his other aliases. Without the power of Viers, or the brutality of Unklone, productions as LK often feel stripped to their very bones. The minimal ‘Untitled‘ exists as a mere exoskeleton; the framework of a detailed track, the exposed core of a groove.

On Keion, the tracks feel more wholesome. The vocal samples are recognisable, the chords are warmer. Here we bring you the A1, ‘Lesa Known’, with its defiant thump altered by filters until it reaches full capacity. There’s an ominous sample loop, a fluttering clarinet, repeating over a Detroit house beat, that gives the track the feeling of a march. A march into new territory for LK? We’ll have to wait and see.

Keion EP is out later this month via Shall Not Fade on 12” only, limited to 300 pressings. Pre-order from Bandcamp.

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