DJ Sotofett looks to the Middle East on ‘Houran’

Certainly not one to shy away from unusual sounds, DJ Sotofett’s productions are known for being as wide-ranging and unpredictable as his DJ sets, spanning from house and techno to dub, jungle, ambient and experimental electronic music. His latest record, Percussion Mixes Vol. 1, released via FIT Sound is as enigmatic as ever with the B-side track ‘Houran’ based around droning yarghol (a Middle-Eastern reed instrument) sounds. From a furtive ambient opening featuring interweaving vocal harmonies, the titular percussion elements gradually establish a thick tribal groove before a big bassline and distorted kicks turn the track into a total weapon. All the while the yarghol remains, creating a unique atmosphere that’s sure to turn many heads in the sets of any DJs brave enough to play it.

DJ Sotofett – Percussion Mixes Vol. 1 is out now on Fit Sound. Catch Sotofett at Corsica Studios this Friday (click artwork for more info).


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