Baba Stiltz, Samo DJ & Tzusing – A Slice of Heaven EP

A cult favourite Munich record shop and label, Public Possession have wasted no time over the festive period, opening the new year with the four track A Slice of Heaven EP. The record is international in both its themes and roster, which sees Swedes Samo DJ & Baba Stiltz contribute alongside the Chinese Tzusing.

The A-side opens with Samo DJ’s ‘Triad Board Meeting’, which looks to the east with martial art movie samples and traditional oriental string sounds. This is followed by Baba Stiltz’s first contribution, ‘Pacific Times’, a rough round the edges interpretation of a big room house jam that partners modulating synth work with lo-fi distortion and frantic drum rhythms.

Baba Stiltz’s second effort, ‘Beirut’, is the jewel in the record’s crown. The introduction teases a beautiful melody out of an Arabian string instrument, and clever songwriting allows for four minutes of establishing the mise-en-scène before the melody returns on a synthesized string, sounding wonderfully off-key and weird in all the right ways. The record finishes on ‘Hollahback Boi’, a collaboration between Samo and fellow L.I.E.S. alumni Tzusing, offering a sugarcoated reinterpretation of European pop music tropes, providing an interesting inversion to Samo’s eastern referencing opener.

A Slice of Heaven EP is out 18th Jan on Public Possession – pre-order from their website or Juno.

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