Premiere: Jesse Bru – Pinkfog

Egoplanet line up Canadian MC, DJ and producer Jesse Bru for their third release: four tracks of fluttering house, flecked with smokey jazz in a way that only Bru knows how. ‘I’m One Of You’ is a mild house march, while title track ‘Roach Fingers’ is a spacey jazz ride that’d make Floating Points proud. We’re thrilled to premiere ‘Pinkfrog’, the moodiest cut, and the standout on the EP.

A sultry fade of swelling chords, the ponderous introduction sets the scene. A dull kick then sets pace as before the groove takes its time to get settled. As the hats click and snap, they eventually lock into place, giving the beat clarity. It’s clear swing takes us on a buoyant mooch through the calm landscape Bru creates with deep chords and soft stabs. Citing creative influence from early 90s sample-based hip hop, Bru successfully sets this against a 4/4 backdrop. It’s easy to hear the resemblence to seminal records such as ’93 To Infinity’ (Souls Of Mischief), but the result is still contemporary, superficially something new, rooted in the old.

Roach Fingers EP is released on vinyl (Christmas Eve) and digitally (8th Jan) on Egoplanet – pre-order from Bandcamp

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