Fouk assemble the Outplay family for Strings Attached EP

There’s a real clarity of vision and a distinctive feel to Outplay’s vinyl only releases: deep house with a sugary warmth, and gifted to us courtesy of some incredibly talented producers. With release number four, Hans Peeman (Junktion) and Daniel Leseman (also know as Fouk) have pulled together a tantalising collation of downtempo jazzy beats, seamless synth driven sounds and melodic sun-drenched grooves.

Laurence Guy takes care of the title track, a beautiful wash of strings driven by wandering synths, with a warm bass rumbling and declining while a distant throng of percussion echoes. Brame & Hamo are on remix duties, bringing Junktion’s ‘Breakfast at Midnight’ down a notch into a bubbling dub affair with a broken kick and fizzing high hats. By contrast, Junktion’s original is a laid-back jazzy number, peppered with his signature sampling precision.

Daniel Leseman rounds off the EP perfectly with a delicious twinkling piano arrangement and drifting vocal samples woven around an irresistible break. A perfect track to blast through your headphones on a long walk, you’d be forgiven for expecting relentless sunshine to break through the clouds.

Strings Attached EP is out 4th January on vinyl – pre-order from Juno.

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