10 Track IDs from The Hydra x Numbers

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With 2016 still a few weeks off to worry about just yet, the Numbers crew launched headfirst into a celebration of their achievements in 2015 on Saturday night. The venue, Studio Spaces, now the permanent home of The Hydra, still damp from Dekmantel’s party the night before, was forced into action once again with the Glaswegian’s showing no mercy. One of Glasgow’s new darlings, Jasper James, appeared unannounced to open the night and setting its rowdy tone, cueing up sets from signees, new and old, the crowd were treated to a run through of some of their biggest releases, interspersed with a variety of other hard-hitting bangers. One of the biggest tracks of the year and perhaps the label’s most anticipated to date, Denis Sulta’s ‘It’s Only Real‘ got several outings to raputurous applause, but other seminal Numbers tracks went down equally well. With an all-star cast in the crowd, from Hudson Mohawke to Skream, it was certainly an occasion for the Numbers crew, who reflected on another prosperous year in true style.

Here’s some of the best of what we heard on the night.

No disrespect to Mr Sulta, but for the sake of bringing you music you might not have heard recently, we opted to leave ‘It’s Only Real’ on the sidelines. 

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