Day 4: Ruf Dug – Jitter Ride

A bastion for the Walkman-era lo-fi crackle in the post-Walkman age, Ruf Dug is an unheralded national treasure for UK dance music. Warm and wobbly – two words that could be applied to any number of different Ruf-affiliated activities: his own productions or DJ sets, his Dancers Wanted parties in Manchester, his tape-worshiping label Ruf Kutz or even his whole outlook and approach to his craft. It’s a real pleasure to have him on board for our charity Advent Calendar.

‘Jitter Ride’ combines all the elements you would expect from the Ruf Kutz head honcho. A well-crafted kick and undulating bass stabs soon give way to swelling synths and tropical tom-toms. All of Ruf Dug’s recognisable elements are present – vintage synth sounds rise above a rolling snare line – and although the mood is unmistakably mellow, there’s a resoluteness present that encourages you to put your drink down and amble towards the dancefloor.

Download ‘Jitter Ride’ from our Bandcamp. It’s pay-what-you-like, with all donations going to Help Musicians, a charity that supports musicians in times of crisis.

In other news, we’ll be collaborating with Ruf Dug to bring something new to Gottwood next year.

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