Premiere: Profusion – Time’s Up

Over the last couple years, we’ve grown used to K15’s growing arsenal of productions that touch on broken beat, hip-hop, house and soul. Many incorporate a deft touch in vocal sampling, but rarely does he combine his work with live vocal arrangement. That is, with the exception of Profusion, a side project with singer, songwriter and vocalist Emeson. The duo debuted last year with the floaty neo-soul of ‘Flying’, and are following this up with the noticeably darker ‘Time’s Up’, which they are self releasing later this month.

A haunting aesthetic is conjured from the almost unwavering choral synths that underpin the track, which appear to have taken inspiration from Super Hans’ musical wisdom in Peep Show: “the longer the note, the more dread”. K15’s drums are designed with a ceramic cleanliness and are arranged into the most sparse of patterns. Emeson’s lyrics take on an icy cold “I-told-you-so” tone, directed towards an unreferenced other, exemplified most directly in his detached repetition of “your time is up”. Emeson’s coldness is re-enforced by the vocal manipulation which sees his voice occasionally stuttering in delay, removing its humanity. This darkness could easily seem overwrought if it wasn’t so clinically well arranged, produced and performed, providing a sinister window into the two artists’ minds.

Profusion – Time’s Up is out 30th Nov and available to pre-order from Bandcamp.

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