San Proper’s 5 favourite tracks from the shadows

There are some artists who like to hide behind their craft and let their music “do the talking”. It doesn’t make our job the easiest, but who are we to force them to talk against their wishes. San Proper, however, is not one of these aforementioned retiring types and needs little encouragement to come out from the shadows. A larger than life character who doesn’t do boring interviews – take his recent studio tour with FACT as an example – the irony of his playlist theme wasn’t lost on us. Nonetheless it still through up a load of musical surprises, as we’ve come to expect from the enigmatic DJ and producer.

San Proper plays Chibuku on 5th December.

The Shadows – ’36-24-36′

A golden oldie, surf-style. I used to love playing this, haven’t heard in a long time. Sometimes it can surprise you when you suddenly remember a track out of the blue. The blue shadows of your own history…

The Stranglers – ‘In The Shadows’

A dirty track by The Stranglers taken from their third album. I love the sound of the bass on this track. As a matter of fact, I like everything on this joint. One of my all time favourites.

The Coasters – ‘The Shadow Knows’

The Coasters, also one of favourite bands. Inspired me a lot when it comes to vocals and vibe. I wish this track was longer… But i guess that was normal back in those days. Jukebox-length.

Shadow – ‘Let’s Get It Together’

Can’t get enough of this track. One of the most expensive records I’ve picked up lately, which I bought it last year. Love the whole album. African soul-music from the 80s.

GZA – ‘Shadowboxing’

One of favourite vocalists. The voice, his flow, his style, it’s excellent. This track also features Method. Yes, another classic.

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