Jon1st’s Five Favourite ‘End of the Night’ tracks

For someone who already had a DMC Champion medal hanging round his neck in 2013, it might have seemed misplaced to have Jon1st in FACT’s Underrated DJs list last year. Read between the lines, and that might actually point more towards the difficulty for up-and-coming turntablists to break into the club circuit as a professional DJ. Whatever obstacles might be in the way, Jon1st seems unphased, working hard to reverse FACT’s verdict and stand tall as a highly rated selector with props from Solid Steel, NTS and Radar Radio to boot. Before joining Jon Phonic and friends at the Clock Strikes 13 series this weekend, he’s put together a playlist, which is explained in more detail below:

“As much as I enjoy playing high energy dancefloor sets, I also love being able to DJ the last set of the night before the club closes and wind things down in the last part of my set, trying to choose the right track everyone will hear before going home. Here’s five favourites I like to end those sets with.”

Jon1st plays 20/20 x Astral Black :: Clock Strikes 13 this Saturday at Village Underground, alongside Ryan Hemsworth & Jon Phonics.

Goldie – Inner City Life (Cazal Organism’s Slump Mix)

This is the most recent of the tracks I’ve picked out. The original is obviously a classic but I really like Cazal’s take on Diane Charlemagne’s vocal. Check out Cazal’s recent rap LP on his bandcamp too if you’re into this.

Gang Starr feat. Inspectah Deck- Above The Clouds

Probably my favourite Gang Starr track and one of my all time favourite rap records too. It also reminds me of a hip hop mixtape I put together for me and my friends to listen to while we played Tony Hawk’s 4 and Timesplitters 2 all night around the time I’d just started mixing.

LV – Talk Talk

One of my favourites off LV’s Routes LP. I love looping the section at 2:00 and slowly filtering it out to end a set. I caught LV performing their new live set for their new Ancient Mechanisms LP at a show at St Pancras Old Church last month, and would highly recommend checking them out live if they’re playing near you soon.

Africa Hitech – Light The Way / Sun Ra Quartet – When There Is No Sun

Africa Hitech’s 93 Million Miles LP was on permanent loop on my iPod and in my sets in 2011. I remember one of my favourite moments of Soundwave Festival a few summer’s ago was hearing Kutmah transitioning from the beautiful Sun Ra original into the Africa Hitech version during one of his sets. Both are amazing tracks.

Om Unit – Healing Rain

This one’s my favourite off Om Unit’s Threads LP. I love how uplifting the lead melody is. A perfect end of night tune.

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