Premiere: Peter Clamat – Filzkugel (Daniel Leseman Remix)

German producer and founder of Big Bait Records, Peter Clamat, enlists some help from Dutch don of deep house Daniel Leseman on his upcoming ‘Stretch The Truth’ EP, seeing Leseman on remix duties for the dark, mutating sounds of ‘Filzkugel’. With a keen ear for the lighter sounds fighting for air under Filzkugel’s smothering bass, the Fouk co-conspirator takes these elements and brings them to the surface, creating buoyant euphoria.

The bouncing groove feels weightless, kept afloat by the squelchy synth riff taken from a pattern only audible in the final few seconds of Clamat’s original. This makes for a largely unique remix with a completely different feel and, with the result sounding unmistakably like productions by his own projects, Leseman manages to make the track his own in more ways than one. With the synth progression reminiscent of ‘Let’s Lovedance Tonight‘, it’s a certified party-starter, inducer of a irrepressible grins.

Stretch the Truth EP is out 14th December on UKNOWY Records. Pre-order now from Bandcamp.

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