Suncébeat 7 announces first wave of artists

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Suncébeat, the Croatian lovechild of the sadly defunct Southport Weekender, has announced the first chapter of its seventh festival instalment, which takes place on 20th-28th July in Tisno.

The lineup, set to be “the most musically diverse event” in the festival’s history has started with aplomb, boasting artists from across the soulful music spectrum it consistently represents. US legends Louie Vega, Derrick Carter and Mike Dunn sit alongside younger counterparts as The Bunker resident Mike Servito and The Black Madonna join them on a trip across the pond. European heavyweights such as Jeremy Underground, Henrik Schwarz and Prosumer compliment further afield acts like South Africa’s Black Coffee, who delivered one of last year’s most memorable and energetic sets. If punters are seeking unquantised earworms, this too has been accounted for in the preliminary announcement, with Horse Meat Disco, Sadar Bahar and Joey Negro forerunners for disco’s torch.

As with any great festival, the lineup is but one component of the polished product, and Suncébeat is testament to this. It’s HQ in Tisno, also home to the now-departed The Garden Festival, Stop Making Sense Festival, Soundwave, Electric Elephant and now Love International, boasts one of the most picturesque and secluded locations of Croatia’s burgeoning festival circuit. Combine this tranquillity with a carnivalesque, familial atmosphere and unpretentious crowd (both of which Southport was historically renown for), hedonistic boat parties and remarkable open air venue in Barberella’s, where music runs  till 6, and you’re presented with a proposition whose merit is self-evident. Rave reviews, not just from revellers but the artists themselves, drives this home. After all, who are we to question Messrs Vega, Chandler and Reverend P when they wax lyrical on Suncébeat’s ability to seamlessly continue one of the UK’s most treasured festival legacies on the stunning Dalmatian coast?!

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