Premiere: Souleance – New York (Uffe Remix)

Having become big fans of Tartelet Records clan member Uffe, we couldn’t refuse the offer of a remix when it came knocking. Taking on the synth-loving, soul-infused sounds of French duo Souleance (Fulgeance and Soulist), the Amsterdam/Copenhagen-based production wizard serves up another delectable morsel for us to savour. ‘New York’ is taken from the duo’s latest Tartare EP via First Word Records, filled with disco-dyed stompers.

For his rework, Uffe deftly adds classic acoustic piano providing a pleasing contrast against the warm, fuzzy electronic sonics of the main galvanic synth line. Its distinctive sound of hammering strings penetrates to the fore, almost as if it were unravelling the commotion of the New York hustle and bustle heard in the track’s background samples. Added depth comes in the shape of muted 808s and rootsy african percussion along with the song’s rightful extension, giving the groove time and space to settle.

Tartare EP is available on both vinyl and digital formats from 30th October. Pre-order now over on Souleance’s Bandcamp.

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