Premiere: Nas1 – La Tosse

There’s something simultaneously assertive yet laid-back about Detroit-style house. It manages to pack punch while still remaining soft around the edges. Add other classic ingredients to the sound – a careful mix of dusty and sharp hats, filtered synth licks – and the Detroit recipe starts to take shape.

Despite hailing from Bologna, Nas1 return on Bosconi‘s Extra Virgin sublabel with six more tracks influenced by the Motor City, after their debut Super Quartet EP first gave us their interpretation of Detroit.

Here we bring you our pick, ‘La Tosse’, a lo-fi groover for eyes-down dancing. The sound, trapped behind a mesh of filters, keeps the highs subdued, giving way to the erratic bassline. A mix of the bassy depth and distortion gives the impression of being underwater, the soothing synths mimicking ripples and reflected light. There’s a moment near the start where the sound fully escapes before plunging back behind the distortion, a brief break in the surface for air before immersing in the watery groove. As the filtered bridge swirls overhead, it’s not long before the bassline pulls the track back under, submerging us once again.

Habana Village EP is out now and available from Juno

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