Harri & Domenic’s Top 10 toilet breaks

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“I wouldn’t want to be like Dixon or Optimo, it’s too much like hard work what they do, travelling five countries in a week. We’re 15 minutes from my house, my mates are there, the beers are cold, the music’s good the soundsystem’s good, wake up on a Sunday, what a night.”

Now 21 years into their Subculture residency at Sub Club, we could spend all day describing how and why Harri & Domenic have become such a Glaswegian institution, but nothing sums up their ethos more than the above quote from their RA Exchange. The pair epitomise everything we love about club culture  and we were fortunate to spend the evening with them in Bristol this summer, to witness this first hand. After closing our day party, they politely declined a taxi to the afterparty, opting to buy some tinnies and walk it instead. We joined them and so began a hysterical, Fosters-fuelled 30 minute stumble across Bristol.

We vowed to welcome them back to another party soon, but in the meantime, we asked them to put a little playlist together. Unsurprisingly, they opted for a toung-in-cheek theme, as they explain in more detail: “These are all tracks that we like that are around the ten minutes and still hold a dance floor, thereby giving one the chance to go to the toilet while DJing and get back in time to mix in the next record.”

Harri & Domenic play the Warm 16th Birthday at Bussey Building (28th Nov).

Moodymann – ‘I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits’

For when the seal breaks and the dancing starts.

Henrik Schwarz – ‘Marvin’

Early evening reliever.

Sophie – ‘Nothing More To Say (Dub)’

Peak time peeing action.

Global Communications – ‘The Way’

A journey to the cludgie and back.

The Mole – ‘Lockdown Party (DJ Sprinkles Crossfaderama)’

Crossed legged burster.

DSK – ‘I Feel Free (Murkatronic Dub)’

Relax and let flow.
[only the shorter Murk Mix was available on Youtube]

Jackie Moore – ‘This time baby (M+M 12-12-13 Mix)’

Old skool disco dribbler.
[included the Special Extended Remix in the Youtube playlist for good measure]

Pepe Braddock – ‘Deep Burnt’

For those scorch mark moments.

Losoul – ‘Behind Closed Doors (Theo Parrish mix)’

For a leisurely gush.

Cottam 2 – ‘Side B’

Another early evening reliever.

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