Prins Thomas presents Paradise Goulash

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To put out a mix is one thing, but to put one out that spans nearly 4 hours over 3 CDs is entirely another. With Paradise Goulash, Prins Thomas has solidified a reputation for musical eclecticism with its extreme diversity, and that’s before you even get to his mixing ability.

Thomas really does start from the ground up, with the first side easing us in with some strings, some ambience, and some subdued funk. The sort of music you imagine yourself finding in some perfect-world record store, but in reality, all you find is the same Herb Albert & The Tiuana Brass album over and over again. Thomas lives to dig and it shows.

It would be fair to say that the first disc is the more distinct of the three, but each side carries on from the one before coming together as one very long and well-strung narrative with the second and third discs varying in sound, but only quite subtly. Disc 2 starts out as a more minimal dub techno affair, defined by tracks like ‘Test 7’ from Dozzy and Tin Man. It slowly builds to quite insane levels in ‘Moral Blinds’ by Abdullah Rashim. It isn’t all onwards and upwards though, as Prins likes to drop in the occasional mood changer like ‘Nittin Nitti’ by Bjørn Torske.

The entire mix is rounded off by a lovely end section introduced by a Rhodes-fueled Siriusmo track, ‘Liu’, eventually concluding with Kurt Vile, which is a piece completely distinct from the rest of the mix. This thought-out conclusion represents a continuity in Prins Thomas’ selection, in that it doesn’t fit too much into the typical “DJ” role of ending on a high-dynamic note that everyone can walk away from. Instead, the brings us down slowly, taking its time to end with poise.

This is top-tier professional mixing on a release that is sure to be named compilation of the year, if not just on the basis of its eclectism, it should be just for its name.

Prins Thomas presents Paradise Goulash is out now on Eskimo Recordings. For full tracklist and links to buy (in digitial, CD or vinyl), head to the Eskimo website.


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