Premiere: Alex & Digby – Doris

With a biography plainly stating “brothers” and nothing else, it’s fair to say that the UK-born, Berlin-dwelling siblings, Alex & Digby Smith are just a tad enigmatic. Perhaps it goes with the territory, given the stripped back, minimal approach to their DJing and productions, but either way, the low-slung melodious work released on their own label, Flash As A Rat, has been garnering some positive, if curious, attention.

Their latest offering, and first away from their own label, is for a suitably secretive new imprint The Night Wood, which we’re told is from a mysterious and lucid time and place. A deep swamp-strewn forest, dense in misty whispers and foggy textures. Sounds like they’ve chosen the perfect debutants then, as both tracks on the 12″ weave hypnotically between the minimal and melodious. ‘Doris’ is our pick and combines playful, live-sounding percussive elements with both stabbing synth melodies and topped off by Japanese-esque sine pad fill that haunts as much as it entices. Coming soon to a dark and murky backroom set at a Halloween party near you.

Alex & Digby – Crowhurt is coming soon on The Night Wood. Pre-order from Juno.

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